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by Roo Abrook
Price: £9.00
Ex Tax: £7.50

Beautiful 'Hummingbird' print upcycled onto gorgeous antique paper, designs incorporate original drawings and photography.

Supplied on antique paper, circa 1850 -1920, due to age the paper has a lovely cream colour and patina, each is irregular and may have age marks which adds to the character of the piece.

Paper comes from antique bibles, dictionaries, encyclopedias, journals and novels which have a nice border edging the text.

Artwork is supplied flat and unframed.

Produced by hand in the UK.

Roo is an avid collector of antique and vintage books, papers, fabrics and objects......which she uses as inspiration and as part of prints and collages.

Themes for work incorporate nature, animals and objects of curiosity. Prints incorporate butterflies, birds, swallows, owls, kestrels, black birds, storks, bunny rabbits, victorian fans, circus horses, flames, skulls, victorian frames, tattoo ribbons and scrolls, roses, teardrops, rainbows, clouds and stars.  Designs include Roo's own photography, drawings, paintings, lino-prints, mono-prints and intaglios.

Previously Roo ran a Fashion Label and has worked as a Graphic Designer

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