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by Claire Gaudion
Price: £130.00
Ex Tax: £108.33


Local Guernsey fisherman used to make their crab pots, couges, and pannier a cous for the next fishing season during the winter months. They worked in this way for generations, some even growing their own withy beds, and harvesting their own willow crops to make their supplies. Traditionally the pannier a cou was used to gather shellfish, crabs and ormers at low tide… Claire Gaudion has learned this heritage craft from her dad, to continue this generations-old tradition.

Guernsey willow baskets have many contemporary uses today and are wonderful decorative storage for your home, either free-standing or wall-hanging.

This standard size basket is handmade using Black Maul willow from Somerset. Each basket is individually crafted and includes a rope shoulder strap spliced onto the wooden handle.

Dimension: W39 cm x D23cm x H30cm

Material: Willow

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