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by Rory Dobner
Price: £37.50
Ex Tax: £31.25

White ceramic tiles are decorated with a unique intricate illustration telling each letter’s story with a clever, macabre or just plain cheeky drawing. The range spans from a jaunty A for anchor through the whole alphabet up to an armadillo full stop, mystery question mark and a sinister ampersand.

They can be framed and hung, sit of the mantlepiece, or tiled into a wall. 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm

by Rory Dobner

Born in England in 1978, Rory Dobner, studied Fine Art foundation at Chelsea School of Art & Design before obtaining a Bachelor of Fine Arts, (Honors), at Central St.Martin's School of Art & Design. In 1998 he was awarded the prestigious title of Burns Young Artist of the Year.

A well traveled, international artist, Rory uses many different mediums to produce a wide range of original work. Rory specialises in unique, hand drawn, intricately detailed ink drawings. The works are complemented by unusual vintage picture frames & come ready to hang. The one off, whimsical ink designs allow the viewer a little peek into a fantasy world where their favourite animals, are discovered thoroughly enjoying getting up to all sorts of mischief or being playfully eccentric.

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